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Windows besturingssysteem

1. The Remote Desktop Connection is used to:*
2. Which Windows feature allows you to roll back your computers settings to a previous date and time?*
3. You need to modify the time displayed in the system tray. Which Control Panel feature should you use?*
4. Which feature allows you to manually configure a hardware device?*
5. You are an IT intern for Contoso, Ltd. You are responsible for deploying Windows 10 to a staff of more than 100 users.*
The IT department plans to execute the upgrades by using the network. You start the deployment on each computer. You guide the installs through the initial steps. Which deployment method are you using?

Windows Server

6. You work as a System Administrator for company Inc.*
The task of setting up ten servers and twenty workstations per specification is assigned to you. If you set up each individually, it will take approximately one week to accomplish the task. You do not want to waste so much time for this. What will you do?
7. You work as Desktop Support Technician in company Inc. You are planning to deploy a Windows 10 Image to a computer. You want to deploy the image using WDS.*
On which of the following computers should you install WDS? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
8. You have created a cloned copy of Windows Server 2016 and applied this cloned copy to multiple computers.*
Each cloned copy of Windows uses the same image with the same parameters, including the computer name and security identifier. For these computers to operate properly without conflicting on a network, all parameters should be unique. What will you do to overcome this problem?
9. Which of the following provides a minimum server environment?*
10. You install Microsoft SQL Server 2016 on a computer that is running Windows Server 2016 Standard. Which type of application service does this provide?*


11. Which of the following represents a Media Access Control (MAC) address?*
12. Connecting to a private network address from a public network requires:*
13. A Layer 2 device that connects multiple computers within a network is a:*
14. Which setting is used to determine the Domain Name System (DNS) settings on a client computer?*
15. A computer that has an IP address of cannot access the network. Which of the following services should you confirm is available?*


16. Your company requires that users type a series of characters to access the wireless network. The series of characters must meet the following requirements:*
Contains more than 15 characters
Contains at least one letter
Contains at least one number
Contains at least one symbol

Which security technology meets these requirements?
17. To prevent users from copying data to removable media, you should:*
18. A group of users has access to Folder A and all of its contents. You need to prevent some of the users from accessing a subfolder inside Folder A.What should you do first?*
19. What does implementing Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) allow a company to manage?*
20. What does NAT do?*

Mobility & devices

21. Your university’s IT department currently has no Active Directory strategy.*
The university needs a solution that allows you to manage users and groups to secure access to Microsoft online services such as Microsoft Office 365. Which Active Directory strategy should the university use?
22. Your company uses Windows 10 Work Folders on personal devices. The devices are all registered in Microsoft Intune.*
You need to enforce the following security requirements on the personal devices:
• Company data can be removed if an employee is terminated.
• Company data cannot be accessed if a devise is lost or stolen.

What should you do?

23. Your company plans to deploy tablets to 50 meeting rooms.*
The tablets run Windows 10 and are managed by using Microsoft Intune. The tablets have an application named App1. You need to configure the tablets so that any user can use App1 without having to sign in. Users must be prevented from using other applications on the tablets. Which device configuration profile type should you use?
24. Your sister is taking a video editing class at school.*
She purchased a 2-TB USB hard drive to store video files. She wants to connect it to her Windows 8.1 computer at home and to a Mac OSX 10.3 computer at school. Video file will exceed 5 GB in size. You need to prepare a new hard drive by formatting it with the appropriate file system. Which file system should you choose?
25. You have an external monitor connected to a laptop computer that is running Windows 10.*
The monitors are configured to provide a panoramic display that continues across both monitors. You want to move the system tray to the secondary monitor. Both monitors must continue to display screen data. Which Display setting you select?

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